Our Own Truth, Our Own Justice (Meie oma tõde, meie oma õigus)

  • Drama
  • The Harbour Theatre
  • Length: 02:40

Drama by A. H. Tammsaare and Urmas Lennuk

Tanel Jonas:

Our aim in life is to have everything right in the end. When I say in the end, I mean in the END. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. The right end is still a happy one. I fear the opposite.I believe you do, too. But I guess, one can not do otherwise – the fear is the force driving us forward. To have everything right in the end. And if it is not, then, I guess, epic fail as they say. Or life’s disaster. As you please. But what to do then? To suspect or trust? To love or hate? To let the pigs into the neighbour’s rye field or cobble the road all night long so that he could drive his dead old wife nicely to the graveyard?
These are the choices one has to make, I guess. And then in the end you will find out whether you did right or wrong.

Premiere 19.02.2015 at Sadamateater (The Harbour Theatre)

Director Tanel Jonas
Designer Kristina Lõuk
Musical Director Priit Strandberg
Lighting Designer Tõnis Järs
Cast Veiko Porkanen, Karol Kuntsel, Kärt Tammjärv, Jaanika Arum, Maria Annus, Riho Kütsar, Priit Strandberg, Aivar Tommingas