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The personalised subtitle system has been set up in the Grand and Small buildings of the Vanemuine Theatre. The subtitles are displayed not only on a tableau above the stage, but on the smart device held by the audience member (either their own smartphone or one of the theatre’s tablets, which are available from programme sales points for deposit 25 euros). To view the subtitles on your device, download the Sophokles app from the App Store or Google Play. Once in the theatre, please switch your phone onto silent mode to not disturb others with incoming calls/text. Choose Wi-Fi connection VanemuineSUB. If Sophokles is downloaded, the app itself directs the user to the subtitles they require. The subtitles are displayed as light-coloured text against a dark background and following them should not affect other members of the audience. In case you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our ushers.

The following productions will be subtitled in English:
· musicals Sister Act (Nunnad hoos), The Phantom of the Opera (Ooperifantoom), Mamma Mia!;
· operetta Wiener Blut (Viini veri);
· operas Madama Butterfly, Jevgeni Onegin.

Performances with subtitles will be currently added to the repertoire. Find actual information
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