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Order refreshments

We recommend pre-booking a table on café Shakespeare’s website or from the cafés before the performance. More information by phone 744 0140.

Organise an event

Events in all sizes can be held in the theatre!
Birthday parties at the theatre are ever more popular – book tickets to the performance of your choice and treat your guests to a theatre tour, performance programmes and a coffee table during the intermission.

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Book the Ird’s Room

We invite our guests to relax in our former theatre manager Kaarel Ird’s room before their chosen performance and during its intermission.

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Take a tour

Come and explore the Vanemuine Grand and Small building with us! Book a private tour before the performance. For more information contact the box office by phone or 744 0165 e-mail kassa@vanemuine.ee

Book a hotel package

If you have travelled a long distance to visit the theatre, be sure to inquire about the accommodation opportunities of Tartu’s hotels.

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Rent costumes

The costume rental, with more than 4,000 costumes, is open from Wednesday to Friday from 12pm to 18:30pm. The costumes are expected to return to the warehouse on Mondays from 10am to 5pm. On Tuesdays, however, groups that have booked their interest in visiting are welcome.


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