Do you accept mobile tickets or should I exchange my mobile ticket for a paper ticket at the box office?

There is no need to present tickets on paper. If you are giving the ticket as a gift and prefer the elegant classical approach, then we can certainly print them out.

What is the visibility from the balconies?

Grand Building: possibly restricted view from 1st row seats 1-2 and 30-31
Small Building: side balcony rows 2-4 have restricted view (guests in the front row should also be prepared to sit sideways throughout the performance)

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Which seats are the best for long-legged/very short people?

Tall theatre-goers will feel at ease when seated on the edges of the rows. Very short guests should pick seats in the front row or on the edges – that will allow you to view the stage diagonally.

Can I put my ticket request on a waitlist?

Yes, if any vacancies come up from released bookings, we will be happy to offer them to those who have provided us with their contact information. However, being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat at the performance of your choice.

What should I wear?

This question might seem strange considering that the rules around us are more relaxed by the day. However, some theatre-goers want to make sure they feel comfortable without standing out due to their clothing. In the three theatre houses of the Vanemuine Theatre, the system is  fairly simple. 

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Do you permit students (ISIC, ITIC) to enter with tickets for senior citizens and vice versa?

The discount rate is the same, so yes.

I have received a discount ticket from somebody, but I am not a student or a senior myself. What should I do?

You can pay for the price difference when you arrive for the performance at the box office.

Is it possible to exchange a full ticket for a discount ticket?

Unfortunately, the theatre will not return the potential price difference of already paid tickets.

Can I reprint a lost, forgotten or destroyed ticket?

If you know your seat numbers and the tickets are bought from Piletimaailm, it is possible. The new printout costs 0.50€.

Are there special ticket rates for people with disabilities?

People with disabilities may use our discount for senior citizens.