The Small Building

The Small Building

Art Nouveau style theatre building with historical milieu is constructed in 1914-1918 and includes a theatre auditorium, oval auditorium, cloakrooms, rehearsal auditoriums and café.

Theatre auditorium

Total number of seats 446 (parterre 318 / balcony 128).


Stage 146m²
Stage behind portal 12m x 8m
Apron size 8m x 5m
Orchestra panels 30m2
Stage platforms 2m x 1m, heights 0,17m; 0,35m; 0,50m; 1,50m; 2,0m; 2,25m
Loading doors 1,1m x 5,0m
Stage tower height 15,2m
Stage pit maximum height 6,6m; stage pit width 9,5m

Lighting equipment

Modern lighting equipment park. Renewed in 2009.
Regia Opera console 2048 channels.

Sound equipment

Stationary sound equipment that enables organisation of theatrical performances, smaller-scale concerts, conferences and public ceremonies. Sound design can be ordered.

Cloakrooms and rehearsal auditoriums

8 cloakrooms of various sizes. 3 rehearsal auditoriums of different sizes.

Oval auditorium

58 m²
Arranged as a café 50 seats.
Arranged for a conference 100 seats.
Stationary lighting and sound equipment.
Suitable for organising smaller official and private events (family events, chamber music concerts, receptions, product presentations, training courses, conferences).


Theatre Vanemuine
Small Building
Vanemuise 45a
51003 Tartu, Estonia

Parking information
In front of Vanemuine small building; Vanemuine street.