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The Small Building

The Small Building is located at Vanemuise 45a.


Parking in front of Vanemuine small hous is not permitted.

You can park for a fee in the parking lot of the Small Building yard (entrance from Tiigi street) using the SNABB service. 

Also you can park in Vanemuine street; Vanemuine 15 parking lot (in front of the Tartu University Library); parking lot of the Tartu county court.

Parking lots in short walking distance:
Riia 26a (behind Hektor Design hostel)
Vaksali street parking lot (Vaksali 12b and 2d)
Tartu Biotechnology Park (Tiigi 61b)
Tartu St Paul’s Church parking lot (Riia 27)

Õpetaja parking lot (Õpetaja 9a)

Please observe private parking areas and/or the city parking conditions before parking.


Public transport stops nearby: Pauluse 1, Pauluse 2Pepleri 1Pepleri 2
Taxi information in the city of Tartu