Grand Building

Grand Building

Vanemuise 6, Tartu

This modernist style theatre building was completed in 1967. The building includes a theatre auditorium, administrative wing renovated in 2014, rehearsal auditoriums, cloakrooms, workshops, sound and lighting equipment facilities and a café.

Theatre auditorium

Total number of seats 700 (parterre 407/balcony 283).


Stage area 266m²
Stage behind portal 14 x 14m
Apron size 7 x 10m
Orchestra panels 42m²
Revolving stage radius 7m, area 54m²
Stage hoists 6 units, 3 x 3m, height 2m
Stage platforms 2 x 1m, heights 0,17m; 0,35m, 0,50m; 1,50m; 2,0m; 2,25m
Loading doors 1,70 x 3,3m and 20 x 2,6m.

Lighting equipment

Modern lighting equipment park with all lighting options and effects, completely renewed in 2017/18. WholeHog III console 2048 channels.

Sound equipment

Modern sound equipment park, completely renewed in 2017/18, allowing organisation of very different events and satisfaction of the wishes and needs of even the most demanding client.

Cloakrooms and rehearsal auditoriums

22 cloakrooms of various sizes. 5 rehearsal auditoriums of different sizes, including 2 rehearsal auditoriums with a special dance floor, mirrors and bars.


Vanemuine Theatre
Grand Building
Vanemuise 6
51003 Tartu, Estonia

Parking information
In front of Vanemuine box-office; Vanemuine street; Vanemuine 15 parking lot (in front of the Tartu University Library); parking lot of the Tartu county court (only for visitors of the performances from 18.00 – 01.00).