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Use discounts

Discounts apply only to the performances of the Vanemuine theatre and do not apply one hour before the performance, to premieres and in cases of special projects. Discounts are not summarised.

>> For students, people with ISIC and ITIC-cards and retired persons the discount rate is up to 20%.

>> Club One card owners can purchase up to two tickets with 10% discount.

>> If we have the pleasure of meeting a spectator younger than 4 years of age, then the ticket price is 5€. You can by the ticket from the box office before the performance.

>> The 18 o’clock ticket – One hour before the commencement of the performances of the Vanemuine theatre, all students have the possibility to buy a ticket for 10 €. This advantage applies only in the box offices of Vanemuine and for the performances given by the Vanemuine theatre if there are any vacancies.

>> Theatre House is a small theatre with smaller performanes, therefore the ticket prices is lower and is the same for all spectators without further discount. To all performances we offer a 10% group discount from groups of 20 people.