The Season Opening Festival of Vanemuine Theatre

Wed 21. Aug 00:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Thu 22. Aug 00:00 Vanemuine Summer Stage (Vanemuise 15)
Fri 23. Aug 20:00 Vanemuine Summer Stage (Vanemuise 15)
Sat 24. Aug 20:00 Vanemuine Summer Stage (Vanemuise 15)
Sun 25. Aug 00:00 Vanemuine Summer Stage (Vanemuise 15)

The Season Opening Festival of Vanemuine Theatre

We’ll already bid farewell to summer with the eagerly anticipated and previously held Vanemuise season opening festival, which has taken place twice before. This time, the festival has expanded into nearly a week-long event with various concerts, workshops, open house day, local cafés, MyFitness group training, orienteering, family day, and much more. This year, we are also reviving Vanemuise’s summer stage theatre and concert hall, located opposite the square.

On August 21st, we welcome visitors to the open house day and workshops at the Vanemuise Theatre’s main building! Admission is free!

On the opening night of the summer stage, Thursday, August 22nd, the Vanemuise ballet artists’ gala will take place. As a special bonus, the opening event of the summer stage is free for guests!

Friday, August 23rd, is dedicated to classical music: after years, Mihkel Kütson will once again lead the Vanemuise Symphony Orchestra, joined by Vanemuise Theatre’s opera soloists Karmen Puis, Pirjo Jonas, Simo Breede, and Rasmus Kull. As a special guest, cellist Indrek Leivategija will bring colors to the August evening with performances of Camille Saint-Saëns’ “The Swan” and Cello Concerto No. 1.
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A special treat awaits on Saturday, August 24th, when the Vanemuise drama actors take over the summer stage with Siim Aimla’s big band. Songs from both Vanemuise productions and the swing repertoire’s golden fund will be heard.
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Sunday, August 25th, is Family Day, followed by performances from the Yellow Cats Summer School and the Vanemuise Ballet School. Afterward, you might find yourself going to the next party already dressed in the costume worn by your favorite actor. In addition to costume sales, we’ll also offer a fantastic selection from our prop warehouse.

On the festival evenings, the theatre halls will also open in August:
August 21st: “The Sunshine Boys” at the Vanemuise Small House
August 22nd: “Beauty Queen of Leenane” at the Harbour Theatre
August 23rd: “The Sunshine Boys” at the Vanemuise Small House
August 25th: “Bonycrone and Captain Drum” at the Harbour Theatre

From August 21st to 25th, 2024, at the Vanemuise Theatre buildings and the Vanemuise summer stage (Vanemuise 15).

* The festival program will be updated continuously. Follow the information on our website.