Bonycrone and Captain Drum

Sat 02. Mar 12:00 Theatre House
Sat 23. Mar 12:00 Theatre House
Tue 26. Mar 11:00 Theatre House
Wed 27. Mar 11:00 Theatre House
Thu 04. Apr 11:00 Theatre House
Sat 06. Apr 12:00 Theatre House

Bonycrone and Captain Drum

A sweet family production based on Aino Pervik’s book

There was a tiny island in the middle of the windy sea. Rooted deeply in the ground, a pine tree with long winding branches grew in the centre of this island. And attached to these branches was Bonycrone’s house. To prevent her abode from being blown into the sea by the wind, three corners were weighed down by huge rocks and the fourth by an old anchor. Bonycrone was a tall and scrawny old woman whose hair was always messy like the nest of a magpie and who had lived here all her life. She loved storms and tempests and singing bawdy songs. Among other things, she was also a witch…

Aino Pervik’s sweet and witty story about Bonycrone and Captain Drum is a tale about the vastness of nature and the constraints of city life, about arguing and making up, losing and finding oneself, and about the weird effect of witchcraft, vanity and love.

The production features music by Uno Naissoo, Modest Mussorgsky, Jerry Goldsmith, Carlos D’Alessio and Mark Mothersbaugh.

Suitable for children from the age of 5. No upper age limit.


Premiere on 9 September 2023 at the Theatre House

Directors and scenographers Katrin Pärn and Janek Savolainen
Musical consultant Ele Sonn
Lighting designer Tauri Kötsi


Cast Merle Jalakas, Jaan Willem Sibul guest, Ats Aavakivi guest, Janek Savolainen