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Organise a birthday

Birthday parties at the theatre are ever more popular – book tickets to the performance of your choice and treat your guests to a theatre tour, performance programmes and a coffee table during the intermission (see intermission orders). If you have many guests, you might want to book a separate room (see here). 

Children’s birthdays

In the Yellow Cat Kids’ Room located in the Grand Building of the Vanemuine Theatre, your children will be thrilled to find many decorations, costumes and props, not to mention a stage with curtains – all perfect for your small theatre-goers. What fun it will be to celebrate their birthday by playing theatre!

The Yellow Cat birthday package includes the Kids’ Room for up to three hours and a 1.5-hour programme carried out by our youth workers, the Yellow Cats: a tour to other fascinating rooms in the building and fun-filled games inspired by theatre.

The birthday package costs 105€ with up to 15 guests. The Kids’ Room is suitable for children from ages 4 to 10. 

For more detailed information on vacancies and booking call +372 7 440 189 or send an e-mail to kollanekass@vanemuine.ee.