What should I wear?

This question might seem strange considering that the rules around us are more relaxed by the day. However, some theatre-goers want to make sure they feel comfortable without standing out due to their clothing. In the three theatre houses of the Vanemuine Theatre, the system is  fairly simple. 

The Harbour Theatre is a black box where you might not want to overdo it – just opt for casual.

The Small Building is our opera house and guests may (but do not have to) dress up a little, depending on the performance. A classical and sophisticated look is a perfectly suitable choice.

The Grand Building offers the widest opportunities. There we perform the most momentous dramas, operas, ballets and musicals –  which means that this is your chance to don an evening gown or a festive suit. 

Still –  when choosing your attire, focus on what you want. If you wish to pop by the theatre after a long day at work, feel free to opt for your daily office or casual style. But if you want to make the evening special and pamper yourself, nobody will mind your elegant and festive look.