If You have trouble walking or You are using a wheelchair

If you need help or additional information, please do not hesitate to call the box office of the Vanemuine Theatre on the number +372 7 440 165.

You can access the Grand Building of the Vanemuine Theatre through the additional entrance next to the Shakespeare café.

The Small Building is accessible via the wheelchair ramp located in the theatre courtyard to the left of the building.

In the Grand Building, guests in wheelchairs may take their place in the stalls on the wheelchair platform (marking L13). In the Small Building, we will find a place for you next to row 1 or 10. In the Harbour Theatre, the seating of guests in wheelchairs depends on the set design of the production.

There is a toilet for theatre guests with wheelchairs
>> in Grand Building the toilet is located in Cafe Shakespeare. Please contact the attendant if you wish to use the restroom and (s)he will kindly guide you there;
>> in Small Building the women’s toilet is located on the first floor in the left wing of the building, and the men’s toilet is in the right wing of the building;
>> in the Harbour Theatre next to the wardrobe.

All restrooms are on the same level as the entrance and theater hall.