Falling Off the Picture (Pildilt kukkujad)

  • Drama
  • The Harbour Theatre
  • Length: 02:20

Drama by Tiina Laanem

This is a story that happened or happens right here in Estonian in your friend’s or your neighbour’s or you own family. All of our lives are a chain of causes and consequences that affect the overall outcome: our career choice, the right spouse, the job, courage to change something in your life, fear of failing and being lonely… When everything has turned out completely different from what you expected, how on earth to find faith and strength to go on?

Premiere 21.11.2015 at Sadamateater (Harbour Theatre)

Director, designer and musical director Andres Noormets
Costume designer Maarja Noormets
Cast Maria Annus, Merle Jääger, Aivar Tommingas, Helgur Rosenthal