The Garden Cafe Day of Vanemuine people

The Garden Cafe Day of Vanemuine people

On Saturday, August 26, 2023, we open the 154th season of the Vanemuise Theater with the Garden Cafe Day of Vanemuine people!

You may discover that a baritone is also a good baker, a stage manager invents new forms for zucchini, the stage masters’ secret passion lies in smoothies, and ballet artists put on the table the best recipes brought from far away homeland.

In addition to delicious food, you can get to know the people of Vanemuine Theater, tell theater stories and explore theater recommendations for the 154th season.

Our cafes are waiting for you to join (see the cafes on the map):

Kitzburger — A. Kitzbergi 2
Jõulukohvik — Õie 21
Müürgel — Jaama 10
Pirukate peaproov — Hurda 33
Kunksmoori teemaja — Tamme pst 109
Puu- ja plekihoov — Riia 30
Barbieland — Lehe 6, Räni, Tartu County
Keisri uued rõivad — Vanemuise 45a, Small Building of Vanemuine

Visitors of home cafes are welcome to choose their favorite garden cafe on August 26. We will draw prizes among all the voters!

See you in our cafes!