Sweeney Todd

Sat 30. Oct 19:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sun 31. Oct 16:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Thu 04. Nov 19:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Fri 05. Nov 19:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sat 06. Nov 19:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sun 07. Nov 16:00 The Grand Building of Vanemuine Theatre

Sweeney Todd


Sweeney Todd isn’t a cutesy story about meat pies: it’s a story of a screaming injustice and the revenge that follows. It may seem just and noble, but in the end, vengeance poisons the mind, and the people who are affected by it are buried under blood, insanity and a pile of bodies. But then the corpses disappear, and the appetizing aroma of baked goods comes wafting out of Mrs Lovett’s shop…

Barber Benjamin Barker had a loving wife and a beautiful daughter – until the day he was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and was exiled for life. 15 years later he returns to London under the alias of Sweeney Todd, a masterful barber whose one true desire is to avenge himself on Judge Turpin and Turpin’s loyal lackey Beadle Bamford, the cause of all his suffering….

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a dark and irrepressibly iconoclastic musical thriller from 1979, scored and written by Stephen Sondheim. The musical premiered on Broadway in 1979 and in the West End in 1980. It won a Tony for best musical and an Olivier for best new musical.

The screen adaptation from 2007, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, was directed by Tim Burton. The film won an Oscar for best art direction, Depp won a Golden Globe for best actor in a musical and Burton won the Golden Globe for best film in the same genre.

Premiere 2.06.2018, the Vanemuine Grand Building

The rights of the musical belong to Music Theatre International (MTI).

Performed in: Estonian
Surtitles on big screen: English, Finnish

Music & lyrics Stephen Sondheim
Playwright Patrick Quentin
Translation into Estonian Pirjo Jonas
Director Tanel Jonas (Ugala Theatre)
Musical director and conductor Martin Sildos
Conductor Taavi Kull
Designer Iir Hermeliin
Lighting designer Margus Vaigur (Endla Theatre)
Video designer Taavi Varm
Choreographer Janek Savolainen

Sweeney Todd
Rasmus Kull or Priit Volmer (NO Estonia) Mrs Lovett Maria Annus Johanna Pirjo Jonas or Maria Listra Anthony Jaanus Tepomees or Kalle Sepp (Sarlight Cabaret) Judge Turpin Sepo Seeman or Lauri Saatpalu Tobias Ragg Priit Strandberg or Kaarel Targo (Theatre Must Kast) Beadle Bamford Lauri Liiv or Peeter Veltmann Beggar Woman Merili Johanson or Laura Kalle (Ugala Theatre) Adolfo Pirelli Valter Soosalu Three Gentlemen Simo Breede, Artur Nagel and Oliver Timmusk

Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra, Opera Choir and Ballet Company