The Piano (Klaver)

The Piano (Klaver)


“The people who knew Ada McGrath told the story about her and her grand piano time and again. It was not only women who told it – the story was discussed by men at the pub and at the manor as well, some telling it with a shiver, others wondering how far you can go in the name of love or passion. There was something irresistible in the story that offered excitement for all.”

Piano. Prologue, J. Campion & K. Pullinger

Premiere on January 30, 2016 at the Harbour Theatre


Choreographer, director & librettist Marika Aidla
Scenographer Maarja Meeru
Video designer Janek Savolainen
Composers Michael Nyman, Dario Marianelli, René Aubry, Brian Crain, Keaton Henson

Cast Ada McGrath – Maria Engel; Flora – Madli Mägi; Alisdair Stewart – Jaanus Tepomees; George Baines – Endro Roosimäe; Morag – Janika Suurmets