Don Giovanni

Sat 27. Nov 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sat 04. Dec 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Wed 15. Dec 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Wed 12. Jan 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Fri 04. Feb 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Fri 25. Feb 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sun 20. Mar 16:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre

Don Giovanni

Opera in two acts

Mozart composed the opera Don Giovanni based on Tirso de Molina’s play The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest published in 1630 and its key character Don Juan. Premiering in 1787 at the Estates Theatre in Prague, the opera initially remained somewhat of a mystery to the 18th century audience. However, only a few decades later, the composition already bore the title of one of the greatest operas in history.

The debauched ladies’ man Don Giovanni and his faithful servant Leporello have travelled across the world, leaving behind countless broken hearts. However, all women won’t put up with this and so, Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Zerlina decide to reveal the true character of this vile man. Don Giovanni’s adventures are accompanied by tweets, likes and fake news, but eventually the trickster still has to bear his cross himself.

In this centuries old story, swords will be replaced by phones and overcoats by latex to make the ancient villain pay for his deeds once again.

Don Giovanni has been staged at the Vanemuine Theatre only once before, in 1990. This production will be created by the renowned Estonian stage director Elmo Nüganen and it will be his first encounter with the Vanemuine Theatre, but not with Mozart. In 1994, he directed The Marriage of Figaro in collaboration with Pärnu Opera.

Premiere November 27th 2021 at the Small Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Language: Italian
Surtitles: Estonian, English

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Librettist Lorenzo da Ponte
Musical Director and Conductor Risto Joost
Director Elmo Nüganen
Conductors Taavi Kull, Martin Sildos
Scenographer and Videographer Katrīna Neiburga (Latvia)
Costume Designer Kristīne Pasternaka (Latvian National Opera)
Lighting Designer Kristjan Suits (Tallinn City Theatre)
Cast Jānis Apeinis (Latvian National Opera) or Tamar Nugis (Estonian National Opera) or Alvar Tiisler, Raiko Raalik (Estonian National Opera) or Tambet Kikas (Estonian National Opera), Simo Breede or Andreas Väljamäe, Märt Jakobson, Juhan Tralla or Rasmus Kull, Karmen Puis or Sigrid Mutso, Pirjo Jonas or Maria Melaha, Maria Listra or Grete Oolberg, Saara Nüganen et al
Vanemuine Opera Choir and Symphony Orchestra