Arcadia (Arkaadia)

Arcadia (Arkaadia)

Drama by Tom Stoppard

Arcadia opened at Royal National Theatre in 1993 – written by a significant British contemporary playwright Tom Stoppard it is unquestionably one of the finest plays of our time. This unconventional historic detective story is set in an elegant country house Sidley Park in Derbyshire county, England and hops between the past (1809, 1812) and the present.

The 19th century side revolves around the daughter of the house Thomasina Coverly and her tutor Septimus Hodge and their lessons that are constantly interrupted by the bubbling life around them – love affairs, redesigning the garden, Hodge’s friend’s Lord Byron’s visit … On the present side the house’s library and archives are inhabited by researchers who sense the exciting scientific discoveries and gripping academic articles to be if the past events could be unveiled.

There is comedy, tragedy, secrets and passion, and the mysterious feel of old houses and their past dwellers, who long before us have lived, longed for, cried, laughed and loved.

Premiere 13.02.2016 at the Vanemuine Grand Building


Director Ain Mäeots
Set designer Kristiina Põllu (Tartu Uus Teater)
Costume designer Gerly Tinn
Light designer Priidu Adlas (Vaba Lava)
Cast Jaanika Arum, Priit Strandberg, Sten Karpov, Jüri Lumiste, Ragne Pekarev or Kaia Skoblov, Piret Laurimaa, Marian Heinat, Tanel Jonas, Reimo Sagor or Karl Laumets, Margus Jaanovits, Karol Kuntsel