Jelena Karpova

Jelena Karpova

Joined the Vanemuine Theatre in 1980

20.01.1962, Kuressaare

1972-1980 Tallinn School of Choreography
2001-2006 University of Tartu, Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences of the Open University
2007 Estonian Gymnastic Federation seminar for team gymnastics coaches and judges
2008 International training conference in Beijing of University of Tartu coaches

2007-2010 Extraordinary gymnastics teacher of the Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences of the University of Tartu
2005-2007 Ballet répétiteur and assistant at the Vanemuine
2000 Choreographer at the Janika gymnastics club
1995-2000 Choreographer at Tartu Sports School
1980-2005 Ballet artist at the Vanemuine

Jelena Karpova has participated in classical ballet and modern dance productions, as well as in operettas and musicals. She has taught historic and character dance at the Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School under director Elena Poznjak-Kõlar. She has staged concert acts for students of the Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School, as well as the short ballet Winter Fairy Tale and the ballet Snow Queen, which was added to the repertoire of the Vanemuine. In 2003 she directed the children’s ballet The Scarlet Flower at the Vanemuine, and in 2013 she directed The Ugly Duckling at the Theatre House. She also staged an evening of the music of Debussy called Masks (2001) at the History Museum of the University of Tartu, was a stage movement director on the children’s opera Hansel and Gretel (2001) at the Vanemuine and the designer of movement and dance for the operettas Bayadere (2001), The Bat (2004) and Countess Mariza (2004).