The Vanemuine Theatre awarded Creative Prizes

The Vanemuine Creative Council awarded five annual prizes for creative, technical, and administrative employees during the traditional Jõuluglögg event organized in the yard of the Vanemuine Small Building for all Vanemuine people. At the same event, also four work jubilees were recognized.

The Vanemuine Theatre General Manager Kristiina Alliksaar said that the people working in the theatre know very well that the performance taking place that evening is what is most important for which everyone gives their absolute best, and if there is a need to do something extra for the sake of the performance, nobody is asking „why?“ or „what do I get for doing that?“. „The year 2021 at the Vanemuine Theatre has required much more from everyone than is ordinary or normal, and in the light of that, I have great respect for my colleagues – everyone has made a sincere effort! During such a year, it is especially difficult to select laureates for the prizes but the happier we are for them and with them,“ acknowledged Alliksaar.

The Drama Prize was awarded to actress Ragne Pekarev as the Vanemuine colleague whose compassion resolves worries and amplifies joys, whose personality is so radiant that it is visible to all, and who is helpful and attentive to her surroundings and colleagues. Her talent as an actress is also remarkable and honored by a large number of the theatre audience as well as admired by many colleagues.

The Ballet Prize was awarded to ballet artist Sayaka Nagahiro who has been dancing on the Vanemuine Theatre stages since 2016, for her subtle approach in ballet productions „Little claws” as Journey, „Metamorphoses“ as Cyparissos and the deer, and „Luikede järv“ as Ingel-Luige and the Spanish princess.

The Music Prize this year was awarded to the longtime Vanemuine Theatre Head Choirmaster Piret Talts whose dedication to the Vanemuine Theatre lasted for nearly 30 years – she worked in the Vanemuine Theatre during 1992-2021. During that time, the Vanemuine Opera choir received several dignified prizes, and many glorious operas, musicals, operettas, and vocal-symphonic performances were brought on stage. Her role outside the Vanemuine Theatre is also admirable – she was the conductor of mixed choirs in Estonian Song Festivals in 1999 and 2004, and in 2009 also in Tartu Song Festival.

The Technical Employee Prize was awarded to the Vanemuine Theatre video master Juho Porila whose dedication and attitude towards his work has always been thorough and creative. He is valued among his colleagues for his responsiveness and humane manner of interaction.

The Administrative Employee Prize was awarded to troupe manager Merle Nikkinen whom the Vanemuine Theatre is thankful for her sense of duty, great stress tolerance and stability during the complicated year full of constant changes. Despite the complications, Nikkinen has always tried to take everyone and everything into consideration and for that, her colleagues are very grateful.

Congratulations to all Vanemuine Theatre 2021 Creative Council Prize Laureates!

The Vanemuine Theatre Creative Council includes General Manager, Music Director, Ballet Director and Drama Director, directors, dramaturges, conductors, Chief Scenographer, Troupe Manager and Marketing Director. 

Work jubilees

 Four work jubilees were also recognized within the frames of the same event. In 2021, on October 1, the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra’s clarinet player Margus Vahemets celebrated his 35 years and courier Anu Paavel her 50 years of working in the Vanemuine. On November 16, stage manager Aime Roosileht celebrated her 40 years and on December 9, hairstylist and make-up artist Janika Kolju celebrated her 30 years of working in the Vanemuine Theatre. Thank you all for your commitment!

After the award ceremony, all Vanemuine people enjoyed the Christmas Glögg.