Tallink becomes a major supporter of Estonian culture

Tallink Grupp today announced signing cooperation agreements with Vanemuine Theatre and the Estonian National Opera for three seasons, thus becoming the main sponsor of both cultural organisations. It is reportedly the very first time in Estonia that a private company commits itself to becoming the main sponsor for two major Estonian cultural organisations simultaneously.

“Estonia and Vanemuine are significant bearers of our culture and the greatest cultural organisations in Estonia. They do not only bring together committed singers, dancers, musicians, actors, technical experts and professionals, modern theatre houses and captivating audiences, but are also symbols of the Estonian culture,” Paavo Nõgene, Chairman of the Management Board of Tallink Grupp, said.

“With its 30-year history Tallink can be regarded as the embodiment of Estonian entrepreneurship and enterprising spirit. As the largest company in Estonia we feel we have responsibilities towards the societies in which we operate, but for us these new agreements are also an investment – an investment we are making for our employees, customers, cooperation partners. We hope that with their high artistic levels, both theatres will bring tourists who are seeking cultural experiences from Scandinavia and elsewhere here to Estonia, so that there would be more reasons for everyone to visit Estonia again and again. Furthermore, I hope that our cooperation will inspire other Estonian companies to contribute to our culture, sports and society on a broader scale as well,” Nõgene noted.

„We are proud and glad to have this opportunity to become the main sponsor for Vanemuine Theatre which is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary and for the Estonian National Opera which recently marked its 113th anniversary. We hope that one day Tallink will also be able to celebrate such notable anniversaries,“ Nõgene said.

The Director General of the Estonian National Opera, Aivar Mäe hopes that Tallink Grupp and the theatres will have a long-term cooperation.  „We are extremely glad that Tallink as the most highly esteemed organisation in its own field is willing to support the flagships of Estonian culture. It will give us the opportunity to offer our audience even better and higher-quality theatre experiences.“

“Vanemuine has very high hopes for the cooperation with Tallink. It is also our great desire to introduce the Estonian culture here and further afield, to encourage culturally minded people of different countries to travel and partake in what is on offer in our theatres. We are very pleased that we have found a very strong partner for ourselves in Tallink, in partnership with whom we can offer even more exciting theatre experiences!” Toomas Peterson, the General Manager of Vanemuine Theatre said.

Today at the event where the new cooperation agreements were announced in Tallinn harbour on board Tallink ferry Silja Europa, Aivar Mäe, Toomas Peterson and Paavo Nõgene hoisted a new signal flag „Culture on board“. With the help of signal flags ships have historically exchange messages with each other. The specially designed new signal flag marks the new sponsorship agreement and was given as a gift to the Estonian National Opera and Vanemuine Theatre to mark the cooperation.

Tallink cooperates with and provides sponsorship for a number of different organisations, projects and initiatives both in Estonia and in its other home markets. In addition to cooperation with organisations focusing on the protection of natural and marine environment, such as WWF, the company is contributing to organisations in the fields of children and youth, education, sports and culture, as well as supporting maritime rescue and education in its home markets.

Tallink supports charity organisations, such as My Dream Day, I Help Children, social projects like My State, and cooperates closely with Estonian Maritime Academy.  Of sports federations, Tallink is the main sponsor of the Estonian Tennis Association. Tallink also sponsors running races held in Tallinn, such as Tallink Women´s Run and Tallinn Marathon. With regards to cultural events, Tallink has supported the annual Birgitta Festival and has been a long-standing supporter of Jazzkaar and PÖFF.

AS Tallink Grupp is one of the leading providers of passenger transport and cargo services in the northernmost area of the Baltic Sea region. The group has a fleet of 14 vessels and provides its services under the brand names of Tallink and Silja Line on seven different routes.  AS Tallink Grupp employs more than 7400 people in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Germany. In 2018 Tallink Grupp serviced 9.8 million passengers and transported nearly 385 000 units of cargo. Tallink Grupp’s shares are listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange and on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange.