Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

A Baroque opera by G. F. Händel

The powerful ruler and military commander Julius Caesar is on a war campaign to Egypt when he meets the 19-year-old Cleopatra and falls in love. In her desire to rule Egypt, Cleopatra decides to seduce the enemy who tries to conquer her land, and claim the throne with the help of Caesar. The plan seems perfect but it has a fatal flaw. She did not plan on falling in love. In the turmoil of war, intrigues and chaos, Cleopatra and Caesar develop deep feelings for each other.

Written in 1724, this opera by G. F. Händel is considered a pearl among Baroque operas that has withstood the test of time and is frequently produced in major opera houses even today. This is the first production of Julius Caesar at the Vanemuine Theatre.

Premiere on November 4th 2023 at the Vanemuine Theatre Small Building

Language: Italian
Surtitles: Estonian, English