A contemporary dance production about young people’s search for identity

We study and test limits. We preach morals and destroy them. We sketch images of ourselves and observe their collapse in light of current crises. This is an interactive production where one cannot hide behind the fourth wall.

The search for identity involves the classically trained Vanemuine ballet dancers as well as the theatre as a space itself, which can take on an entirely new meaning by adding a ray of light or a new symbol. Minimalism can find its way to abundant psychedelia, while a strict structure can lead to improvisation. Music is performed on stage by jonas.f.k.

This dance production by Rauno Zubko is targeted at viewers aged 12 and older, who do not have to tackle similar problems alone anymore.

My message is: be who you are and let others be, then we can successfully co-exist. We also invite you to think of your footprint both in the real and the virtual world.

– director and choreographer Rauno Zubko

PS. At “kriis.ID” performances, feel free to use your phone, take photos and film! The audience can influence what is taking place on stage by participating in votes which appear on the webpage before and during the performance. The webpage also has filters available to complement one’s experience of the performance.

When sharing content from the performance, please useĀ #kriisID

NB! The length of the performance depends on the results of the vote, the performance lasts a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes.

Premiere on 4 March 2023 at the Harbour Theatre