A Ballet evening in two acts

The ballet evening Contrasts introduces the audience to the imaginative worldviews of two talented young choreographers, Georgia Toni Hyrkäs and Gus Upchurch. The two short ballets juxtapose classical and contemporary dance styles, light and dark stage worlds, the creations of female and male choreographers.

Yet, these opposite polarities have a common purpose: to offer the viewer an emotional theatre experience without burdening the audience with the obligation to follow a narrative and allowing everyone to find their preferred meaning in these works.

Violin Concerto

Celebrating the beauty of dance and music, this production is an ode to Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. Tchaikovsky’s flowing melodies are complemented by classical ballet where romantic and lyrical moments alternate with festivity and brilliance.


The ritualistic rhythms of the music create a primal and powerful contemporary-style production. The sharp, tension-filled choreography portrays at times opposition, at others synergy.

Using conflict as a key to unlocking thought-provoking, abstract and aesthetic sequences, this piece will excite audiences with ambiguous perceptions of autonomy and control, love and lust, chaos and order. The mind will be explored and the heart will not be left empty-handed.

Premiere on March 8th 2025 at the Vanemuine Theatre Grand Building