Vanemuine Ballet 85

Vanemuine Ballet 85

A night gala dedicated to the anniversary of Vanemuine Ballet

In celebration of 85 years of Vanemuine Ballet, we are holding a midnight ballet gala on April 27th at 23.00!

Before the gala, we invite you to see the performance of “Ash White” at 19.00, where the Goldtime ballet award will be presented.

The ballet gala will feature the highlights of Vanemuine Ballet’s past seasons, as well as debut new, not-yet-premiered creations by young choreographers. Guest soloists from Estonian National Ballet will also take the stage.

After the gala, we invite you to dance in the theatre lobby, accompanied by the ballet company’s band Läbi Linna and guest soloist Kärt Anton.
Ballet director Mare Tommingas and video designer Juho Porila will be spinning records – expect to hear the hottest hits of pop and rock music through eight decades.

In ballet, talent and dedication count, and if besides Estonians, the art of our national theatre is carried forward by individuals of other nations, they still represent the values and traditions of our Estonian ballet.

Vanemuine Ballet loves its audience and believes that this love is reciprocated.

See you soon!

Thank you for ballet prize Goldtime!