Ghost in the Machine. G. F. Parrot (Vaim masinas. G. F. Parrot)

Ghost in the Machine. G. F. Parrot (Vaim masinas. G. F. Parrot)

Drama by Meelis Friedenthal

Georg Friedrich Parrot (1767-1852) was the first rector after the re-opening of the University of Tartu. He was a physicist with a suitably broad mind for Age of Enlightenment ideals. His friendship with Tsar Alexander I contributed to the re-opening and flourishing of the university. His enlightened optimism, courage to think big, and desire to work for the good of humankind are still inspiring people today. 2017 is the anniversary of his 250th birthday.

In Meelis Friedenthal’s play, we encounter Parrot in the Old Anatomical Theatre – an ideal environment for a questing spirit, where both cadaver and electricity are present and accounted for.
Merle Jääger plays the role of Georg Friedrich Parrot. It is her second male role after playing Hamlet 30 years ago. In the theatre, we seek the human.

The production was made possible in cooperation between the Vanemuine Theatre and the University of Tartu Museum.

Premiere on 5 May 2017 in the University of Tartu’s Old Anatomical Theatre on Toome Hill (Lossi 38).


Author  Meelis Friedenthal
Director Tiit Palu
Designer Maarja Meeru
Starring Merle Jääger