Venture (Üritus)

Venture (Üritus)

Humane tragedy

HELLE: I take it you know that these days we say “event” not “venture”. Because venture (üritus) is a failed attempt. (wordplay: “üritus” in Estonian means “event”, also originates from the verb “to try”)

LEO: Who says it will fail?

Leofred Luuk is a former actor, who used to work at the Old Theatre. Now he is back. Because he turns 60 tomorrow. But it can’t be that simple.

The story is about Love.

Premiere 28.09.2015 at Vanemuine Small Building

Director Uku Uusberg (Estonian Drama Theatre)
Designer Kaspar Jancis
Cast Aivar Tommingas, Külliki Saldre, Ott Sepp, Jüri Lumiste, Margus Jaanovits, Jaanika Arum, Linda Kolde, Markus Dvinjaninov, Maria Annus  and Uku Uusberg