Tilda and the Dust Angel (Tilda ja tolmuingel)

Tilda and the Dust Angel (Tilda ja tolmuingel)

A children’s ballet about the adventures of a nine-year-old Tilda and her friend made of dust!

Libretto by Mare Tommingas based on the Andrus Kivirähk book Tilda and the Dust Angel (Tilda ja Tolmuingel)

Andrus Kivirähk is undoubtedly one of Estonia’s best-loved children’s book writers of recent times. Tilda and the Dust Angel, featuring the exploits of nine-year-old Tilda and her friend made of dust, accompanied by beautiful illustrations, has now become a children’s ballet. And it’s certainly worth coming out for!

The events are sometimes farcical, humorous, sad, sentimental, but there’s always a point where we see the characters grow on the inside and find a forgotten memory, their true selves. Irina Šabarova’s illustrations and Kivirähk’s lively prose gave the stage production team many creative doors to open. Our own memories are behind some of the doors and now, in the course of producing this ballet, they want out … Vaiko Eplik, who wrote the music, often discovers surprising and unexpected things and Taavi Varm’s imaginative video installations enhance the value of the production greatly.

– Mare Tommingas, director

Tilda’s father is dead and her mother doesn’t have time or inclination for fun and jolly kinds of activities. And so, a magical creature comes to life from the dust in the attic and flies in Tilda’s window. Sometimes when we worry, we forget important things – the things that really should be remembered at all cost. Dust and little dust angels have always existed and remember everything!

Premiere October 24th 2020 in the Small Building of the Vanemuine

Director and Choreographer, stage design author Mare Tommingas
Composer and sound effects author Vaiko Eplik
Stage & Costume Designer Takinada
Video Designer and Animator Taavi Varm
Lighting Designer Priidu Adlas


Tilda Miina Eliise Luts or Jette Pruulmann
Dust Angel Gerardo Avelar or Gus Upchurch

Vanemuine ballet company and the students of the Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School