Three Orchestra’s of Vanemuine

Three Orchestra’s of Vanemuine

A series of concerts by the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra

The Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra is stepping out of its natural habitat, the orchestra pit, to bring symphonic music even closer to the audience.
The concert series is initiated by Vanemuine Theatre’s new musical director and chief conductor Risto Joost, who wants to present the audience with the golden repertoire that is meant for the biggest instrument groups in what could be considered one of the greatest achievements of the Western world – the symphonic orchestra.

The concerts will be held at the Heino Eller Music School in the Tubin hall.


Previous concerts:
Opening concert October 17th

Second concert for strings October 28th

Vanemuine symphony orchestra
Conductor Bert Langeler


Interview with conductor Risto Joost in "Vanemuise veerand" (Kuku radio, 15.10.2020)