Three Jolly Fellows 2: Rat Attack (Naksitrallid 2: Rotid ründavad)

Fri 08. Mar 12:00 The Harbour Theatre
Sun 17. Mar 12:00 The Harbour Theatre
Sun 21. Apr 12:00 The Harbour Theatre

Three Jolly Fellows 2: Rat Attack (Naksitrallid 2: Rotid ründavad)

Dance production for children based on Eno Raud’s novel

Halfshoe vacantly observed his surroundings. Suddenly, his glance stopped at the meadow beside the road. “Look,” he whispered and stretched out his hand. Muff and Mossbeard simultaneously looked where Halfshoe pointed. “These are… These are…” Muff was too agitated to speak any further. His legs became weak and he sat down on the side of the ditch. “These are rats,” said Mossbeard. And rats they were, indeed.

In the second instalment of Three Jolly Fellows, our three little friends who fight for the greater good and restore nature’s balance, embark on new adventures.


Premiere January 21st 2022 at the Harbour Theatre

First production

Based on the book by Eno Raud
Directors, choreographers, scenographers, costume designers and authors of the scenario
Katrin Pärn and Janek Savolainen
Videographers Argo Valdmaa Endla Teater and Janek Savolainen
Lighting designer Tõnis Järs


Cast Matthew James Jordan, Benjamin Kyprianos, William Halton, Janek Savolainen, Julia Kaškovskaja, Maria Engel, Aivar Kallaste, Gerardo Avelar, Külli Reinkubjas, Josef Jagger, Benjamin Newman

Students of the Vanemuine dance and ballet school