There were three sisters (Neid oli kolm õde)

Wed 15. Sep 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Thu 28. Oct 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Wed 03. Nov 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre

There were three sisters (Neid oli kolm õde)

A ballet
Based on Anton Chekhov’s play Three Sisters

Oh, am I glad! There are three of them, sisters. I remember, three girls. I don’t remember the faces anymore, but your father, the Colonel Prozorov, had three little girls, that I remember very well, I saw you with my own eyes. How time flies! / Vershinin
You don’t get married out of love but to do your duty. At least that’s what I think, I for one would get married without love. No matter who the suitor was, I’d accept, as long as he was a decent person. I’d even marry an old man… / Olga
I love, I love… I love that man…You saw him just now… / Masha
When I awoke today, got up and washed, I was suddenly gripped by the moment of clarity about everything in the world and I know how to live. / Irina

A Chekhov character is a person with both good and bad.
Life offers opportunities to choose between action and omission. Between feeling and numbness.
Between fullness and emptiness.

Which path will each character choose in this timeless work?
That is what interests us!

Premieres 1 February 2020 in the Small Building of the Vanemuine

Does the Moscow of dreams, where the soul longs to go, exist at all?


Writers Helena Merzin, Marika Aidla
Director-choreographer Marika Aidla
Dramaturge Helena Merzin
Designer Maarja Meeru
Costume designer Gerly Tinn
Musical design Ele Sonn, Marika Aidla
Video designer Janek Savolainen
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk

Music Igor Korneljuk, Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi, Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter


Cast Maria Engel, Raminta Rudžionyte Jordan, Laura Quin, Hayley Jean Blackburn, Yukiko Yanagi, Olivia Lenssens, Silas Stubbs, Gerardo Avelar, Georgia Toni Hyrkäs, Arianna Marchiori, Janek Savolainen, Joo Ho Lee, Gus Upchurch, Alain Divoux, Alexander Germain Drew, Matthew Jordan, Benjamin Kyprianos, Endro Roosimäe, William Halton et al.