A theatre saga in two acts 

Something totally unexpected happens in 1870. Something that irrevocably changes the fate of a people and culture. It is the birth of theatre in our mother tongue.

Across changing times, success and glamour, destruction and rising from ashes, inspiration and fascination with art, the avant-garde and the traditional, loss and discovery, this utterly unlikely phenomenon has lasted and evolved already for 150 years. Everything changes: decorations, and costumes, styles and trends, directors and janitors, dances and songs, managers and budgets, cues and characters, systems of government and actors – nobody and nothing lasts forever. But the theatre remains … or does it?

Première on 16 November 2019 at the Grand Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Author Loone Ots, co-authors Anu Tonts, Ain Mäeots, Rein Pakk
Director Ain Mäeots
Conductor Taavi Kull
Composers Tauno Aints, Ardo Ran Varres, Leslie Laasner
Scenographer Kristjan Suits
Costume designer Gerly Tinn
Lyrics Aapo Ilves
Choreographer Britt Kõrsmaa

Cast Helena Lotman, Ragne Pekarev, Merle Jääger, Maria Annus, Külliki Saldre, Merle Jalakas, Pirjo Jonas, Kaia Skoblov, Aivar Tommingas, Robert Annus, Reimo Sagor, Veiko Porkanen, Karl Laumets, Jaanus Tepomees, Riho Kütsar, Tanel Jonas, Jüri Lumiste, Jaan Willem Sibul, opera choir and symphony orchestra of the Vanemuine Theatre  etc.