Sprouts (Võrsed)

Sprouts (Võrsed)

A sharp and sensitive insight into the dark side of the modern urban lifestyle. As the manager of an architectural bureau, a young successful woman has reached a crisis in her professional and private life. The painful soulsearching of the protagonist is reflected through several intimate relationships that, typically of the modern world, include sexual and ethnic minorities.

This classical realistic play focuses on questions associated with the appearance of a child into the family picture. A painful issue is having no children – it may be a voluntary decision, a choice made to focus on one’s career and self-realisation; but it may also be an inevitability, a harsh reality, a wound that will never heal.

This play portrays the people who surround us today, offering tragic yet funny moments of recognition, opportunities to wander along in the maze of social relationships, and solace to the soul – a fundamental necessity in any era. 

The play won 1st Prize at the 2021 Playwriting Contest of the Estonian Theatre Agency.

Premiere on 22 October 2022 at the Harbour Theatre



Author Katariina Libe
Director and sound designer Tiit Palu
Scenographer Eugen Tamberg
Lighting designer Kärt Karro (Tartu Uus Teater)

Cast Ragne Pekarev, Kärt Kull, Veiko Porkanen, Robert Annus, Jaanus Tepomees, Katrin Pärn Guest, Merle Jääger