Something Real (Midagi tõelist)

Something Real (Midagi tõelist)

Drama by Martin Algus

A tale of Leo, in the throes of an addiction to porn who decides to leave the internet and finally meet someone for real to feel something real – a simple desire that leads the protagonist into the clutches of extortionists. A middle-aged married man, a father of two, now finds his world upside-down as he battles for his life. The play uses the conflict between two men to examine larger developments the world where reality sometimes seem unreal.

The first Vanemuine production of a play by prolific and award-winning Estonian playwright Martin Algus looks at how human desires are born, dependency on one’s urges and the consequences they lead to.

“And the worst wasn’t what happened, but what should have actually happened – it didn’t exist anymore …”

Not recommended for ages under 14

Premiere on 9 November 2018 at the Harbour Theatre

Director, scenographer, musical designer Andres Noormets (Ugala)
Costume designer Maarja Viiding
Photographic designer Maris Savik

In roles Riho Kütsar and Veiko Porkanen