Men Asleep

Men Asleep

A contemporary, sharper version of Edward Albee’s famous play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Late in the evening, a middle-aged married couple receives a visit from a younger, more daring and idealistic couple. But something is amiss from the very start: words carry a peculiar subtext, the reason for their get-together remains vague and the chairs are uncomfortable. The night reveals that all of us have things that matter to us. We have apartments, careers, sun dried tomatoes, acquaintances, good taste and a vision of who we want to be. When all this gradually starts falling apart, who do we see underneath everything? What does he or she need? Do I even know that person? And why is this play not titled Women Awake?

A psychological power play riddled with dark humour in a society that has long lost what held it together, and crumbled into solitary egos.

Premiere on 12 April 2025 at the Small Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Director Johan Elm

Scenographer Eugen Tamberg

Lighting designer Karmen Tellisaar (Endla)

Sound designer Kirill Havanski (Tartu Uus Teater)
Cast Piret Laurimaa, Andres Mähar, Linda Porkanen, Ken Rüütel