Marvin’s Daughters (Marvini tütred)

Sat 05. Dec 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Wed 09. Dec 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sun 13. Dec 16:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre
Sat 19. Dec 19:00 The Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre

Marvin’s Daughters (Marvini tütred)

Family drama

Marvin’s Daughters is a tragicomic drama of family ties and the struggle of life. Bessie is a tenacious woman who has cared for his bedridden father and eccentric aunt Ruth for years. When Bessie herself is diagnosed with leukemia, she has to turn to her sister Lee to request a bone marrow transplant.

The sisters have lived for decades without missing each other. At first, their reunion is uncomfortable. Besides her stubborn sister Lee, Bessie also has to play host to Lee’s undisciplined sons. Now they have to set their whole lives and family ties straight.

Sometimes life is so overwhelmingly fast that there is no time to mope around. American playwright Scott McPherson’s play offers a psychologically masterful insight into the woes and hopes of people in their struggle for life.


Première on 5 December 2020 at the Small Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Author Scott McPherson

Translator Kalle Hein

Director and sound designer Tiit Palu

Scenographer Eugen Tamberg

Lighting designer Imbi Mälk

Cast Piret Laurimaa, Maria Annus, Merle Jääger, Aivar Tommingas, Saara Nüganen, Ken Rüütel, Oskar Seeman, Tiit Palu