Marta and Miisu

Fri 26. Apr 12:00 Theatre House
Sat 27. Apr 12:00 Theatre House
Sun 28. Apr 12:00 Theatre House
Sat 04. May 12:00 Theatre House
Sun 05. May 12:00 Theatre House
Tue 07. May 11:00 Theatre House
Wed 15. May 11:00 Theatre House

Marta and Miisu

One day, when Marta arrives home from school, her cat Miisu is nowhere to be found. She is not in Marta’s room, on the living room couch or in the garden. Miisu is gone and Marta is inconsolable. Together, Marta’s mom and postman Peter figure out how to comfort the girl. Believe it or not, the story has a happy ending!

Premiere on 26 April 2024 at the Theatre Hous




Author Anu Tonts
Ain Mäeots
Scenographer Maarja Meeru

Cast Maria Annus, Helgur Rosental guest