Man in the Movie (Kinolina kangelane)

Man in the Movie (Kinolina kangelane)

Comedic ballet

This ballet is set in 1927, when silent films were being replaced by talkies and cinema became known for its romantic stories and big dreams.

Joseph works as an assistant at a film production company. He dreams of one day directing a picture and marrying a beautiful film star his heart has already singled out. But drifting with his head in the clouds costs Joseph his job, so he embarks on making his dream come true. Suddenly he finds himself the hero of the film, squaring off with the bad guys in dangerous situations and fighting for his beloved. Nothing is impossible in film, especially when the greats like Charlie Chaplin and Edna Purviance have your back.

‘Hero of the Screen’ is an upbeat take on scenes familiar from film classics, produced in the style of MGM musical films, with beauty, life and dream-like adventures all present and correct.

Premieres on 17 February 2018 in the Small Building of the Vanemuine

A production especially for lovers of romantic musicals and silent films!

Director, choreographer & librettist Silas Stubbs
Composers W. Perry, R. Rodgers, J. Herman et al.
Designer Liina Unt (Endla Theatre)

 Starring Vanemuine ballet artists