Wonderful when young… (Ilus on noorelt…)

Wonderful when young… (Ilus on noorelt…)

Drama by Mehis Pihla

This is a performativity-based group-assignment play with the recurring theme of youth as the most beautiful period of life and its related keywords, such as extreme liberty, passion, rashness, presence, power, beauty, pain, anger, rebellion, vigour, sensuality, bravery, fear, love, mirth, sadness, energy, sexuality, anxiety, radicalism, harmony, jest and laughter. Mehis Pihla, the author, has said that the message of the play could lie in the observation that youth is a school of thought rather than age or appearance.

Mr Pihla will be graduating as a playwright from the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, but he also has experience as an actor and director. In January he directed the premiere of the diploma play Uhkus ja eelarve (‘Pride and Pricedness’) of the 27th class of the Drama School at Endla Theatre.

Premiere 16.04.2016 at Sadamateater (The Harbour Theatre)

Director and dramaturgist Mehis Pihla
Co-director and sound designer Kiwa
Designer Maarja Meeru
Technical designer Kristjan Suits

Cast Linda Kolde, Marian Heinat, Kärt Tammjärv, Jaanika Arum, Markus Dvinjaninov, Veiko Porkanen, Jaanus Tepomees