Hurly-Burly.  A Paper Fairytale

Hurly-Burly.  A Paper Fairytale

You can make all sorts of awesome things from paper. You can make a wad, an airplane, a mouse, a turtle. The sky and the earth. You can make the whole world. You can tear it into pieces and pretend it’s snow. You can draw and paint on paper with colours. Paper is marvellous.

You can also take a fairy tale, a wonderful story, and make it happen on paper. You can play in this paper world. 

We are playing with music, light and shadows. We can play the mouse and the lion, the mother, father and the giraffe. It makes up quite a commotion, and yet there is order in this chaos. It’s all a HURLY-BURLY.

Première on 26 September 2019 at the Theatre House

Author and director Jüri Lumiste
Scenographer Siiri Jüris 

Cast Mari Anton, Merike Paberits, Jüri Lumiste