Hi, Darling! (Tere, kallis!)

Hi, Darling! (Tere, kallis!)

Comedy in two acts

Pille and Viktor are very decent people. They work hard and value their time off. They are so used to each other that they cannot even remember what brought them together in the first place. Could it have been love?

One Friday night, hiding away from the rest of the world in their home, they are surprised by unexpected guests. It is immediately clear that the peaceful and quiet weekend is now completely ruined. 

The guests are Victor’s twin sister Mari and her new boyfriend Peeter, who has just returned from a trip around the world. 

It turns out that the world is wide and fascinating and that love still exists. 

Life may be difficult and easy, boring and interesting, beautiful and ugly. Everyone can make their own choice. 

What one needs is a small nudge at the right moment.


Première on 21 September 2019 at the Small Building of the Vanemuine Theatre

Author and director Tiit Palu

Scenographer Eugen Tamberg

Cast Maria Annus, Katrin Pärn, Robert Annus, Karol Kuntsel