Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler

Drama by Henrik Ibsen

Returning from her honeymoon, attractive and self-confident Hedda finds herself in the midst of a stiflingly boring petite bourgeois world. Upon hearing that her old flame Eilert Lovborg is back in town, in love with another woman and the author of a book that threatens her husband’s academic career, Hedda starts manipulating those around her…

The world-famous play by the Norwegian playwright premiered in Munich in 1891 and was one of the classic works of realism of the late 19th century. Hedda Gabler is also one of the best-known female roles in world literature.

Premiere 13.05.2017 at the Vanemuine Small Building

In Estonian with English, Russian and Estonian subtitles on device

Translator Krista Kaer
Director Mehis Pihla
Set Designer Kristjan Suits
Costume Designer Pille Jänes
Cast Piret Laurimaa, Karol Kuntsel, Margus Prangel, Külliki Saldre, Maria Annus, Jüri Lumiste, Ene Järvis