Love Virtually (Hea põhjatuule vastu)

Love Virtually (Hea põhjatuule vastu)

An internet romance in two acts

When the novel “Good Against the North Wind” by Daniel Glattauer was published in 2006, it won the hearts of many in Europe and also elsewhere. And it was precisely the heart it attacked as this emotional and passionate story tells about true love – the kind that lives in our hearts and feeds our imagination.

A man and a woman coincidentally meet in the world wide web. An e-mail accidentally sent to the wrong recipient is followed by a correspondence that grows into a huge emotional thunderstorm between two people who practically know nothing about each other – their age, where they live, their jobs, hair colour nor shoe size. And yet they manage to get very intimately close to each other, closer than they have ever been with anyone…real.
In contemporary culture in the midst of this sex oriented body worship, that continuously tries to guide our attention below the waist, the “Good Against the North Wind” reminds us that the real passion grows from imagination and the people that we desire are not just sexy bodies but sexy personalities – bodies with thoughts, feelings, lust and everything else human. Words filled with real feelings are always sexier than the bikini pictures of the oh-so-famous football star’s supermodel girlfriend.Through the mouth of the main character the writer says, “Write to me, Emmi, writing is like kissing but without lips. Writing is like kissing with your mind!”

Premiere 27.09.2013 at the Vanemuine Small Building

Author Daniel Glattauer
Translated from German Piret Pääsuke
Dramatization and directing Rein Pakk
Set and costume design Annika Pakk
Musical director Ardo Ran Varres
Light designer Imbi Mälk
Cast Elina Purde and Andres Mähar