go neo und romantix

go neo und romantix

Andres Noormets:

it’s about young people not interested in the formats inherited from history or their parents. their being is detached, open – it’s more of an image than a plan, it’s more of sensing than talking – limits are not the issue, it’s as if there never were any. it is natural to move in different realities at the same time, to be fragmented, to live a second as if a day. words do not carry relationships and conflicts – words are a pattern.

it’s important to capture the modern sense of life characteristic to people who are not complete. it is important to understand it and it is important to make it heard.

maybe it is here that we will find some answers to the present big question – who are the people who will be living here in a decade or two to whom we will leave our land? why is it so good and easy to leave? why does a word printed in a book seem more important than those used on the net? how to age gracefully? why is it hard to be young? why are paintings art, but tattoos applied art? etc.

The premiere is on 25 April 2015 in the Harbour Theatre


Author kadrinoormets
Director Andres Noormets