Gatsby / La Dolce Vita

Gatsby / La Dolce Vita

Everything that we see on stage is simple and humane and springs from the person. Everyone’s dreams and pleasures seem so commonplace that the choreographic expression of them, at times even bordering on frivolity, is pleasantly suggestive. Despite the fact that La Dolce Vita shows a much greater amount of strength and colour, it is as decorous as Gatsby in its substance and form. The figurative stage design has been used in the best possible way in the interests of the moods and events depicted in the production.

/…/ Both Gatsby and La Dolce Vita are solid and wholesome ballet productions in which the dancer and his/her persona are highlighted deservedly. As the troupe consists of dancers of very diverse origins and backgrounds, the display is varied and exciting.

Mihkel Truman, news portal

Premiere on 25 January 2015 at the Vanemuine Grand Building

 Sincere feelings, subtle irony, humour, glamour and dreams!



Music Graham Reynolds (based on Duke Ellington)
Director & Choreographer Silas Stubbs
Costume Designers
Mare Tommingas, Ellen Cairns (Scotland)
Lighting Designer Tõnis Järs
Video Designer Janek Savolainen


Giorgio Madia’s ballet set to the music of Nino Rota
Director, Choreographer & Lighting Designer Giorgio Madia (Italy)
Costume Designer & Director’s Assistant Adriana Mortelliti (Italy)
Scenographer Maarja Meeru
Video Art Janek Savolainen