Estonian Ballads (Eesti ballaadid)

Estonian Ballads (Eesti ballaadid)

An epic summary of the life’s work of Veljo Tormis, the cantata-ballet Estonian Ballads is like a bridge from the present to the past and back. At the other end of this bridge, we may glimpse at a world that is unknown and yet so recognisable, so thoroughly Estonian down to its very roots – a world where the harsh destinies of our ancestors unfold. These stories are full of blood and pain, horror and fear, but also of moral judgements on one’s actions, people, surrounding nature and the universe. The mystic sound of old Estonian folksongs takes a firm grip on its audience and compels us to face our past and present. Because we, too, are a part of this endless circle of life, whether we want it or not.

Cooperation project of the Vanemuine Theatre and Eesti Kontsert

On 28 January 2021 at 19:00 at the Vanemuine Concert Hall


Composer Veljo Tormis
Conductor Risto Joost
Libretto Lea Tormis
Texts arranged by Ülo Tedre
Chorus masters Piret Talts
Lighting designer Priidu Adlas Estonian Drama Theatre

Soloists Pirjo Jonas, Karmen Puis, Rasmus Kull, Simo Breede, Katrin Kapinus, Eve Kivisaar, Siiri Koodres, Helen Hansberg, Helen Nõmm, Lembi-Liis Ebre, Kristiina Hovi, Rasmus Kull, Grete Oolberg, Oliver Timmusk and others.
Opera Choir and Symphony Orchestra of Vanemuine Theatre