Dreamers (Ulmlejad)

Dreamers (Ulmlejad)

Dreaming is becoming something old-fashioned and taboo. Or something ridiculous. Even slightly forbidden, because why dream when work needs to be done, loans and leases need paying and families need providing for. This is reality and you need to deal with what’s real, not dream. Dreaming is only for those who cannot cope with reality. The weak. The clumsy. The losers. Why show your weaknesses and to whom? Why dream at all and who needs it anyway?

Without dreaming, people get swamped by daily life – it’s a routine that might be very peaceful and beautiful but also drown you with dullness. Isn’t dreaming something that takes us further? What do people dream about? Estonian people? About a new house? A Ford Mustang? Having children? A younger wife? A more handsome husband? Motivation? Better health? Peace and quiet? Longer life-span? Blissful retirement? Tender caresses? Normal body measurements? The courage to say: “I love you!”?

Reimo Sagor

Première on 28 January 2021 at the Harbour Theatre

Authors Reimo Sagor, Olilver Issak, Jaanus Tepomees, Veiko Porkanen, Jaanus Nuutre
Director Reimo Sagor
Production dramaturge Oliver Issak
Scenographer and costume designer Fey Piir
Sound designers Indrek Asukül, Reimo Sagor
Lighting designer Andres Sarv

Cast Reimo Sagor, Jaanus Tepomees, Veiko Porkanen, Jaanus Nuutre (Nuutrum Theatre)