A romance about the future by Siret Campbell

Beatrice is a romance set in the near future. The events take place a couple decades from now, but the characters are not inventors or superheroes, they do not travel to undiscovered planets or own laser weapons. Tom and Kristi are ordinary people who try to live their lives and love each other. When they lose everything, an unexpected solution arises for recover their world. The loss is permanent, but life can go on. And what a life it is!

This production examines a number of future-related issues. If technological advances continue at the same or faster pace, what world will we soon find ourselves in? What will we have gained or lost? What have we grown accustomed to? How do our basic nature, dreams and needs change?

The people of the future will likely still want to live forever. The idea of immortality is so enticing and the desire to achieve it even more desirable. Today, some of us aspire to eternal life by nurturing our spiritual side and hoping to continue an afterlife in some better place. For others, their religion is diet or lifestyle, which helps to postpone their biological end as far into the future as possible. Science and future technologies are regarded with increasing expectation in the context of eternal life. Beatrice examines one such possibility.

Premiere on 21 October 2017 at the Grand Building


Author Siret Campbell
Ain Mäeots
Scenographer and costume designer Maarja Meeru
Composer and musical designer Ardo Ran Varres
Video designer and visual electronic solutions Emer Värk
Lighting designer Meelis Lusmägi
Coreographer Britt Kõrsmaa
In roles Priit Strandberg, Maarja Johanna Mägi, Kärt Tammjärv, Veiko Porkanen, Linda Kolde, Karol Kuntsel, Silver Kaljula TEMUFI, Liina Tennosaar Guest, Saara Kaljujärv Guest, Elisabeth Strandberg Guest