Brothers Eteocles and Polynices battle for the throne of Thebes and perish. King Creon promises to ceremonially bury the body of Eteocles who fought for the allies, but gives orders to abandon the body of Polynices. Their sister, Antigone, refuses to accept this and arranges a ceremonial burial also for Polynices. A conflict of worldviews ensues where divine, human, national and symbolic values collide.

As one of the most well-known European cultural myths about Antigone, this play has also been repeatedly produced in Estonia. However, this production presents the play of Sophocles, one of the most famous tragedians of Ancient Greece, in a fresh translation by Anne Lill.

Premiere on 27 April 2024 at the Harbour Theatre


Translator Anne Lill
Director Priit Strandberg
Scenographer Laura Pählapuu (Estonian Drama Theatre)
Composer Margo Kõlar
Musical director Ingrid Mänd
Light Designer Imbi Mälk
Choreographer Marika Aidla

Cast Lena Barbara Luhse, Aivar Tommingas, Ragne Pekarev, Linda Porkanen, Ken Rüütel, Robin Mikkel
Ingrid Mänd, Saale Kreen, Susanna Paabumets, Marion Strandberg, Aike Sõõro, Mari-Liis Urb, Karmen Urb