An Evening with Lehár (Õhtu Leháriga)

An Evening with Lehár (Õhtu Leháriga)

Operetta soiree

La Belle Époque is the name for a transcendent era in European history, a time of peace, economic prosperity and thriving fine arts. It was perceived as particularly golden in contrast to the horrors of the First World War that followed, but in fact the beauty of the period has not become the slightest bit tarnished even today.It was in this era that Franz Lehár wrote his splendid, inspiring music with his wondrous melodies, rich ideas and freshness.

 Dear audience – we were inspired to create this evening by the universal beauty of music. Our aim is for you to forget your everyday cares for a while in the thrall of the delicate magic of the beautiful early 20th century melodies. Come with us and experience the fiery emotions, captivating melodies and the intimate and colourful performance of the symphony orchestra, because waltzes were created to fill the soul with laughter, joy and sweetness…

Endel Nõgene and Fabrice Gibert

Premieres on 21 August 2020 in the Small Building of the Vanemuine

Waltzes were created to fill the soul with laughter, joy and delight…

Musical director & conductor Endel Nõgene
Conductor Martin Sildos or Taavi Kull
Director & choreographer Fabrice Gibert
Designer Maarja Meeru
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk
Soloists Pirjo Jonas, Merle Jalakas, Karmen Puis, Rasmus Kull, Simo Breede, Jaan Willem Sibul, Märt Jakobson
Violin soloist Vlad Campean or Kadri Palu

Vanemuine Opera Choir and Symphony Orchestra